1. 1. What are the timings of classes?

    Classes are generally held between Mondays till Friday. Each class is of 2 hours duration. If students require shorter classes, the duration of the course becomes longer. Extra fee is charged for customized needs.

  2. 2. If I have already taken classes from some other tutor, what would be the criteria for me?

    Students, who have studied from other tutors before joining us, will have to take a short test for evaluation. Weak students will be advised to extend the duration of study period for which they have to pay extra.

  3. 3. How is the environment?

    We provide congenial environment for study and expect students to maintain the environment. Any student misbehaving would be asked to leave the course without any refund.

  4. 4. Is there any discount?

    We have standard fees and do not give discounts. All payments have to be made in advance on the enrollment day.

  5. 5. Is there any way to take classes other than the regular schedule?

    Potential candidates have the option of taking classes online via Skype. Weekend classes and customized modules are available upon request with extra charges. Fees may vary in case of customized or individual classes.

  6. 6. Are there separate classes for ladies?

    Ladies may apply in separate groups for their convenience. Only as assistance, LGF may suggest a ladies' hostel, if required. However, students' guardians will have to inspect and accept the hostel on their own responsibility and LGF will not be held responsible on any account.

  7. 7. What documents are required for enrolment?

    Copy of NIC, copies of educational certificates with some reference and latest passport size photo.