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    LGF welcomes its members and wishes to express its thanks for their good wishes, strong support and endorsements. Our philosophy is simple. Commitment and persistence reaps results. Join our Facebook group and meet likeminded members. We care.

    Why Enroll?

    LGF teaches quality not quantity. It empowers you, strengthens your resume. It focuses on building your future. It gives you a new identity. It reminds you that the world is your oyster. It offers a lifelong friendship. It answers all your questions. We care.

    Quality Learning

    Expensive does not always mean better quality. At LGF we have reasonable fees and hope to provide best quality in affordable price. Our language training is solid and priceless. We care.

    Be Different

    At LGF we travel into your mind. We figure out the best way you would learn a new language. We never lose hope and we never give up. Our aim is to give you confidence and let you know how good you can be. Be different. We care.

    Learn Effectively

    Courses are based on scientific modules focusing on conceptual and structural understanding to enable you to pick up the language easily and ultimately to make you attain high proficiency. Courses cover listening, reading, writing and speaking. We care.

    How German Language Can Help Our Children?

    Proficiency in foreign languages and an understanding of other cultures have really become essential skills in the twenty-first century. There is a need more than ever for our children to learn at least two foreign languages, not only for social and cultural benefits, but to become active citizens of our increasingly global economy. Giving language, and with it multi-cultural skills, to children will open many doors in their lives. Our unique teaching method and loving environment, and easy and affordable fees make it easy to start your child, niece or nephew on a fun language-learning journey that will last a lifetime. We care.

    Distance Learning

    LGF is located in Lahore but its clients are from all over Pakistan. Distance learning methods have enabled us to reach out to the whole world. Clients are now learning online from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Pakistanis living abroad are now contacting us because it is cheaper and more convenient to learn in-depth German through Skype. We care.

    Let's Begin

    For every 5 friends that you help us enroll, we will give you special discount. Remember, after learning German from us you will be our fans forever. We care.

    Message From Our Directorate

    Welcome to the world of magic. Learn German with us and represent yourself as Ambassadors of Pakistan by speaking the best German ever. By learning German with us, you will have a perfect accent, sound writing skills plus an extra bonus by getting to know about studying and living in Germany that will enable you to find best jobs. We care.