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    Learn German Fast (LGF) was initiated by Mrs. Afshan Arif , former Goethe Institute tutor, because a need for teaching foreign languages is the requirement of the day. LGF has the expertise to teach languages such as German, English, Spanish and Urdu. LGF is different from other language institutions because it imparts need based individual attention. People from all academic backgrounds can apply. We place more attention to pupils who find learning new languages tougher. We have individual modules for all.

    Students, office employees and women and children can apply with confidence. Those who study with us always endorse us. Our detailed consultation is free.

    We also provide training for getting accustomed to different cultures, grooming classes and confidence building for hospitality and corporate sector.

    With more demand for English, Spanish and Urdu, LGF has gone one step further to provide you with more languages, keeping your needs in mind. Classes can also be held at your premises or simply learn from Skype from wherever you are.

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    Why Should You Learn German?

    Germany has stopped charging tuition fee from all international students in government universities located in 12 of its 16 states. These universities offer courses, completely in English language, in a wide range of subjects from Engineering, Medicine, Business and other Social Sciences for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies. Pakistani students have a golden opportunity to obtain high quality university education at affordable cost, which also could provide a platform for a professional career in Germany.

    Germany is one of the few European countries where one year Work Permit is granted to assist you in finding a job after graduating from a German university. Even during studies, 20 hour work per week is allowed, which can cover major portion of living expenses, ranging from Euro 600-800 per month. Some proficiency in German language would, of course, be necessary to live and work in Germany.

    Successful completion of A1 Certificate course (8 weeks) enhances your chances for obtaining Student Visa. Some universities require basic language proficiency and demand A1, A2 or B1, B2 courses for admission.

    Successful completion of A1 Certificate course (8 weeks) is a requirement for obtaining Spouse Visa.

    People in a lot of countries speak German language. Picture below shows those areas.